2018 Hurricane Relief Individual Volunteer Sign-Up

This registration is to build a list of those willing to serve with others for Hurricane Response (cleanup and muck-out) in Texas, Louisiana, and other hurricane-affected locations.  If you are team leader organizing a team, this form is NOT for you.  Instead please use the Register Your VIM Team link and indicate whether you are willing to have individuals join your team. 

*First Name
*Last Name
*Phone Number
Preferred Locations to Serve
No answer
East Texas (ready to schedule volunteers)
Louisiana (ready to schedule volunteers)
Florida (NOT yet accepting volunteers)
Anywhere in the Southern US
Caribbean (Haiti, Puerto Rico, Bahamas)
I will serve wherever I can
*Church Relationship

Are you affiliated with the United Methodist Church?

If yes...

Please list the name of the church or charge and location that you currently have a relationship with.  (for instance, First UMC of Waynesburg or Christ UMC - Erie)

If no....

Please briefly share the partner church or group that brought us to your attention

*Disaster Response Training

Have you had UMCOR Early Response, Red Cross or other Disaster Response training within the past 3 years?  (Note: this is for our information purposes, we welcome all volunteers to serve.)


Do you have tools or a tool trailer that you are willing to bring with you?

*IF Traveling by Car or Van....

Would you be willing to drive yourself and others in your personal vehicle?

Travel Preference

Please indicate the ways in which you would be willing to travel to serve.  There is often a trade-off between cost and how long it takes to travel. 

By Rental Van as a group
By Caravan of Personal Vehicles
Train or Bus
Airplane (even if cost is higher)
No strong preference
No Answer
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