Equitable Compensation Application


Complete the signatures, and send this to your District Office for DS Approval.    Use one of the following sending methods:

Butler District Office Contact Information:

  • PO Box 5002   -   Cranberry Twp, PA   16066
  • Butler.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 724-252-3198   FAX:724-776-1355

Connellsville District Office Contact Information

  • 30 East Main St,  Suite 303     -  Uniontown,  PA  15401
  • Connellsville.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 724-550-4058

Erie-Meadville District Office Contact Information

  • 341 Main St, Suite 3   -   PO Box 488   -   Saegertown,  PA  16433
  • Erie-Meadville.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 814-783-0105   FAX: 814-783-0107

Franklin District Office Contact Information

  • 1102 Liberty St, Rm 106   -   PO Box 590   -   Franklin,  PA  16323
  • Franklin.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 814-437-5857   FAX: 814-437-1114 (call phone# before faxing to make sure Julie is in the office)

Greensburg District Office Contact Information

  • 307 Freeport St   -   Delmont,  PA  15626
  • Greensburg.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 724-461-7178   FAX: 724-461-7428

Indiana District Office Contact Information

  • 203 Woodland Ave   -   Punxsutawney,  PA  15767
  • Indiana.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 814-938-1742   FAX: 814-938-6457

Johnstown District Office Contact Information

  • 510 Locust Dr   -   Johnstown,  PA  15901
  • Johnstown.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 814-361-2464   FAX: 814-361-2465

Kane District Office Contact Information

  • PO Box 767   -  Sheffield, PA  16347
  • Kane.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 814-837-6115

Pittsburgh District Office Contact Information

  • 223 Fourth Ave,  Suite 700   -   Pittsburgh,  PA  15222
  • Pittsburgh.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 412-281-7152   FAX: 412-281-7154

Washington District Office Contact Information

  • 29 North College St   -   Washington,  PA  15301
  • Washington.Office@wpaumc.org
  • Phone: 724-225-6632   FAX: 724-225-9939

Please print this page, copy, and mail to your District Office after signatures are added                                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                       Print Church/Charge Name:______________________________          


_____________________________________          _____________                           _____________________________________          _____________   

                     Church Council                                                Date                                              SPR/PPR Chairperson                                        Date      


_____________________________________         ______________                                    

                        Pastor                                                           Date 


Chairperson: Rev. Corben M. Russell

  • 201 Hillcrest Drive, Dubois, PA 15801
  • Telephone:   724.601.6161    
  • E-mail: EquitableComp@wpaumc.org

Please Understand:

  • Before going any further please contact your district superintendent and make sure they are fully aware of your financial need as they will need to recommend all grant applications
  • CEC support is primarily intended for three types of financial needs: transitional, strategic, and emergency
  • A hearing may be requested by the Commission on Equitable Compensation.
  • Transitional grants, when approved, are intended to continue for a maximum of four (4) years usually with a 25% reduction of the original grant in each of the second, third, and fourth years for full time pastors. The maximum grant will not exceed 30% of the current conference minimum salary for your pastor’s appropriate category (FE, AM, PE, FL)
  • Strategic grants, when approved, are planned and coordinated proposals between pastors, church/charges, and District Superintendents for full time pastors
  • Emergency grants, when approved, are one-time single lump sum grants for unforeseen circumstances for full time pastors



If approved, your approved amount will be listed below:
Application for Clergy Salary Support from the Equitable Compensation Fund

The Equitable Compensation Fund comes from the congregations of our conference through our Connectional Apportionment. 

Please consider with deep thought and prayer your charge situation and existing reserve funds prior to a grant request’.

The four fields below must be the name and contact info of the person filling out this application.

*First Name
*Last Name

Grant Request Information

*Are you currently receiving any grants?

Including any grants that you know you will be receiving in the future?

*What grants are your currently or will you soon be receiving?

Inclue the name, date and amount of grant

Select the year for this Equitable Compensation request:
*Please describe circumstances of the reason for this request:
*Which type of Grant are you requesting?

You have requested a Strategic Grant

Strategic grants are requests based on extensive planning, preparing, and coordination between pastors, church/charge leadership, and your District Superintendent.  Strategic grants need a detailed plan beginning with describing why a need is present, how long a grant is needed i.e. number of years, what amount a grant is needed and if that amount would change every year for said number of years as well as detailing the measurable goals and activities that will enable the church/charge to no longer need Strategic grants by the end of the total number of years requesting.

You have selected a Transitional Grant

Transitional grants are grants intended help a church/charge transition, based on communication between pastor, church/charge, and District Superintendent into a myriad of possibilities.  The end goal will be stabilizing and/or strengthening the church/charge so a need for equitable compensation grants will no longer be needed knowing transitional grants are to continue for a maximum of four (4) years with a 25% reduction of the original grant in each of the second, third, and fourth years. The maximum grant will not exceed 30% of the current conference minimum salary for your pastor’s appropriate designated category (FE, AM, PE, FL)

You have selected an Emergency Grant

Emergency grants are one time grants supplied, when approved, as a single lump sum to said church/charge enabling a church/charge, undergoing a crisis, to pay toward their full time pastors salary so an arrearage does not occur.  Emergencies vary widely but one aspect is the same for all of these grants: church/charges must discuss with District Superintendent the need, receive recommendation from District Superintendent of said amount as well as final approval by the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference Cabinet.

*This Request Is for the Following Time Period:

(This question must be answered before continuing)

January - June
July - December
*Grant Request Amount:

Enter the amount you are requesting below:

*What is your strategic plan?

Please describe D.S. approved specific strategic plan including but not limited to how much will future grant requests be reduced each 6-month term, why, as well as how long the church/charge expects to receive support through said grant to complete the strategic plan

What other, if any, information would you like our committee to know?
*What type of transition are you expecting?
*How long are you (in consultation with your D.S.) planning to need to make grant requests?

Answer in years:

*What fruit and/or decisions have come from discussion with your District Superintendent about this transition?
*What has specifically brought on emergency need?

(Please note this is a one time emergency request)

Grant Requester Information

*District the Church or Charge Resides:
*Church(es)/Charge Requesting Grant:
*Church Name and ID of paying agent of the church/charge

Churches sorted by Church name, then City/Town name

*Church Address of paying agent of charge:

Please provide the specific church name and address where grant checks, if approved, should be sent.  This is the paying agent of the church/charge.
Also include the Phone and email 

*Pastor's Name and status

use the format  Name / Status

*Telephone number of the Pastor

Enter the best number to use to contact the pastor

*Email address of pastor
*List the name of each church in the charge (include total membership and average attendance)

Enter each church on a different line. 

Use the format:  

Church Name  /  Membership  /  Average Attendance

*Do you have a scanned/digital copy of your most recent Charge Conference Summary Form and/or Fund Balance Report?

Answer YES if you have a scanned/digital copy of one/both forms on the device that you are currently using to fill out this application

Answer NO if you are unable to upload either form

Yes, I have one or both in digital format
No, I don't have either form
Upload Scanned/digital Form

If you are unable to upload both forms, the district office should be able to attached your most recent form to this application after you submit it. 

Upload most recent:

Charge Conference Summary Form 

Fund Balance Report

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

After submitting your application, print out the FIRST PAGE.

Complete the signatures, and send this to your District Office for DS Approval

You can send the signatures to the district office doing one of the following:

  • Mail the signature page to your distirct office mailing address
  • Fax the signature page to your district office fax number
  • Scan then email the signature page to your district office email address

**Your application will not be complete until the District Office receives your completed signature page**

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