Register your Upcoming VIM Teams

Once you have mostly finalized your mission service plans, register your team with the Annual Conference VIM Coordinator. 

Who is filling out this form?
First Name
Last Name
Who are the participants?
*First Name *Last Name *Email
Who is registering?
Church Pastor
VIM Team Leader
Team Member
Missions Chair
Church Staff Person
*Sponsoring Church or Group

Which church or organization is primarily responsible for organizing this mission team?

Dates of Service

When does your team leave?  When is the planned return date for the team?

Name of Location Where You Will Serve
What Organization or Church is Hosting Your Team?
*Primary Tasks Planned

While we are never 100% certain what God has in store for us and must be prepare to serve humbly however we are called, most teams have a primary focus planned. 

What are the primary tasks that your host has asked you to participate in?

Administrative/Program Operations Assistance
Clean-up Work (untrained Disaster Response)
Children's Ministry such as VBS
Early Response Team
Education or Teaching
Food or Hunger Ministries
General construction
Medical work
Relationship-building/ Cultural Exchange
Prayer, Outreach and Evangelism
Water or Sanitation projects
UMCOR Disaster Supply Network
*Has your team leaderĀ attendedĀ a WPA VIM Team Leader Training since 2012?

This is for our informational purposes. 

*Do you need any legal, medical, or administrative forms sent to you?

The standard UMVIM practice is for each team member to have signed and submitted certain forms to the team leader on behalf of the  church or sponsoring group. All forms are to be kept on file with the organization while originals of others should travel with the team leader/s.  These forms exist for the safety and protection of the team members, the team leader/s, the sponsoring church or organization, etc. Our forms have been updated and vetted as of 2015 for use by our Conference Chancellor for use by Western PA Conference and its churches and any alteration could have legal or civil ramifications. If you have questions about which forms or documents that your team should be using, please contact the Conference VIM Coordinator, Sandra Matoushaya

Please select all forms that you would like sent you. We will send one copy for you to distribute to your team members. 

Yes, send all Youth and Adult Forms
Adult Liability Release Form
Youth Liability Release and Parental Consent
Adult Medical Release Form
Youth Medical Release Form
Physician Release Form
Medical Information Form
Emergency Contact Form
UMVIM Team Mission Policy (Behavior Covenant)
No, we have all the appropriate forms
*How would you like to receive the forms?
Send to the email listed above
Send to another email address
Mail a hard copy to a physical address
Please specify where you would like the requested forms to be sent.

Please allow at least two weeks for the forms to arrive.

*Willing to Partner?

Do you have any openings on your team? If so, would you be open to individuals from other local churches participating?  If you indicate yes, your team and contact info may be used to refer interested people and be included in Conference communications or website.

*What is your anticipated cost per person?

(include any expected contributions for materials or ministry)

*Allowable Age Range

What ages are allowed or invited to be on your team?

*Cut off date

Do you have a final date after which you would no longer accept new team members?  If so, please provide that information. 

Additional Information

Is there any other information that we should know?

Team Diversity Section (for information purposes only)

All people are gifted and called by God to serve others yet some people may have more barriers than others in answering that call.  This section helps us to know how we as a whole church are doing in addressing those barriers and recognizing whether we are sending the whole body out to serve in Christ's name. 

Age Groups

What age groups currently are part of your team?

Under age 10
Age 10-12
Age 12-15
Age 16-18
Age 18-25
Age 25-34
Age 35-44
Age 45-59
Age 60-70
Age 71 and up
Ethnic / Racial Identity

How do the members of your team self-identify in terms of race or ethnicity?  Please select all that apply

African-American / Black
Caucasian / White
Hispanic / Latino
International (not US Citizen or permanent resident)
Multi-Racial / Bi- Racial

Remember to care for the safety of your team members, your church, and your host organization!  Discuss all risks with your team and collect liability release, medical release, emergency contact forms, etc. from each member.   

Purchase VIM Insurance that covers personal medical expenses, medical evacuation, lost luggage, and more for an average cost of $37/week.  This is separate from travel/trip cancellation insurance or local church liability insurance.

The current NEJ VIM Insurance can be purchased online and should be requested 3 weeks before you depart.  

If you have questions about forms or insurance, contact Sandra Matoushaya

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