WPA Summer 2017 Flooding Volunteer Sign-Up

This registration is to build a list of those willing to serve for one day sessions within Western PA Conference. 

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Are you registering as an individual or for a group of volunteers?

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Group Information

Please share more information about your group, including how many volunteers in how many vehicles. If possible, include names.

Preferred Locations to Serve
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Allegheny County
Butler area
Fayette County
Washington County
Hyndman (if needed)
Wherever I am most needed
Under 18

Please know that due to safety, liability, and insurance concerns, hands-on activites may be limited for volunteers under 18 and that volunteers under 16 may be on clerical or water duty.  

*Availability to Serve

Please check all times when you would be available to serve. We do not necessarily expect you to work all those sessions but it is useful for us to know as we schedule volunteers. We will confirm specific times with you as soon as possible. 

Tuesday, Aug. 8th
Wednesday, Aug. 9th
Thursday, Aug. 10th
Friday, Aug. 11th
Saturday, Aug. 12th
Sunday, Aug. 13th (afternoon only)
Monday, Aug. 14th
Tuesday, Aug. 15th
Wednesday, Aug. 16th
Thursday, Aug. 17th
Friday, Aug. 18th
Saturday, Aug. 19th
Sunday, Aug. 20th (afternoon only)
Monday, Aug. 21st
Tuesday, Aug. 22nd
Wednesday, Aug. 23rd
Thursday, Aug. 24th
Friday, Aug. 25th
Saturday, Aug. 26th
Sunday, Aug. 27th (afternoon only)
After Aug. 27th
*Church Relationship

Are you affiliated with the United Methodist Church?

If yes...

Please list the name of the church or charge and location that you currently have a relationship with.  (for instance, First UMC of Waynesburg or Christ UMC - Erie)

If no....

Please briefly share the partner church or group that brought us to your attention

*Disaster Response Training

Have you had UMCOR Early Response, Red Cross or other Disaster Response training within the past 3 years?  (Note: this is for our information purposes, we welcome all volunteers to serve.)


Do you have tools or a tool trailer that you are willing to bring with you?

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