Volunteers in Mission Service Report

Celebrate what God has done!  Please share your mission experiences with our Missions Coordinator using the form below.  Your information adds to our total witness as a church and helps our Mission Coordinator build up our mission network of churches, leaders, and host sites so that we may be more effective in our witness for Christ. 

For teams, the team leader or one member of the team is asked to fill this out on behalf of the whole team.  Individuals may use this for their service not done as part of a team. 

Who is filling out this form?
*First Name
*Last Name
*Your role

What role did you play in this mission service?

Team Leader
Team Member
Individual on behalf of self
Organizer/Volunteer Coordinator
Missions Staff person
Mission Committee Chair/Member
Project Information
*Date(s) of Volunteer Service including any travel
*Host Group
*Project Name
*Project Location City/State/Country
*Project Dates (including any travel) list the day your team departed and the day they returned
*Project Purpose / Type of Service
select from the list below
other type of service / Project Purpose if you chose other above, let us know what you did
Group Information
*Group Leader Name
*Group Leader email and phone number
*Group Sponsor Church name or organization
Type of Team

How would you characterize your team?

USA: education
USA: construction
USA: medical
USA: disaster response
International: education
International: construction
International: medical
International: disaster response
*Number of members on the team
*Number of total work hours of all team members ie, if five people worked one day of 8 hours, your answer would be 40.
*Young Adults

Did you have any young adults (those age 18-30) on your team?  If yes, how many?

*Value of Contributions (cash / materials)
*Team Expense (do not include the money you listed above in contributions)
Any future trips scheduled? if yes, list them below
Best practices, 'God moments' or site comments from project experience or any other comments you wish to provide...
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